Wednesday, 3 June 2015

What's in a custom cake order?

I'm often asked if I do cakes for occasions other than weddings.

Of course I do!

But unlike walking into the grocery store where they have ready made cakes that you can ask to have a message piped on right then and there, or a retail specialty bakery that may have cakes for same day pick-up, I work from a home studio, and my orders are all strictly custom, and made to order.

So how does it all work? It isn't complicated at all. One of the best ways to start the custom order process is email. That way, we can send photos back and forth, and I will have all of your information/decisions right there in my emails (instead of on a piece of paper, or my own notes from a phone conversation where I may have missed jotting down an important detail). I am also the only staff member at Fancy That Cake - so everything from the baking to the decorating to doing the dishes is done by me personally. Which means that I can only physically do so many orders in a week!

Typically, I require at least two or three weeks notice for a custom cake. All my cakes are baked fresh the week they are ordered for, so often last minute cakes are impossible to squeeze in. Especially in the summer months when wedding season is upon us and the wedding cakes are booked months in advance.

Have a theme but no idea what to do for cake? Leave that part to me! I'll put together a few different cake ideas and a few different price points for you to choose from. I will search the internet for inspiration ideas, as well as other cakes out there that have been done before. I won't copy another designer's work exactly, but I can take those ideas and make the cake unique and custom to your celebration.

And how does pricing work? For single tier specialty cakes, prices start at $3 per serving. Multi-tier cake prices start at $4 per serving. Figurines, sugar flowers, and super elaborate details will add extra cost as well. I do have a minimum order price of $60 for single tier cakes, and $100 for multi-tier cakes. For cake orders under $100, payment can be made when the cake is picked up. For orders over $100, I do require a 50% deposit.

So there  you go - ordering a custom cake isn't so scary after all!

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